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Compliant Process

Residential Living Compliant Process

As a Heartland client, you have certain rights and protections that are guaranteed to you by law and by Heartland’s own policies.  Heartland wants to make certain that if you ever feel that your rights are being threatened or violated in any way that you tell us immediately.  You will never, ever be punished or retaliated against for making a complaint.

Residential Living Compliant Description

Set out below is a description of Heartland’s complaint process.  As a client you, or a person you pick, may file a complaint with Heartland at any time.  In order to file a complaint, you can talk with your House Manager, Program Manager, Regional Director or the Chief Operations Officer.  If you do not feel comfortable with any of these staff members, you can speak with the Quality Assurance Officer, who is independent from Operation’s staff members and reports directly to the President.

Step 1.   Voice your complaint.

Speak with your House Manager or Program Manager.  If your complaint is about either of these people, you can speak with the Chief Operations Officer or the Quality Assurance Officer.

If you do not feel comfortable talking about your concerns yourself, or if you’re not sure how you want to say something, you can have a family member, guardian or your case manager bring up your concerns.  During the conversation, you will be asked to put your concerns in writing on a complaint form.  If you wish, you can simply say your concerns, and Heartland will write it down for you, exactly as you say it.  If you prefer, you can have your family member, guardian or another trusted person help you.

Step 2.   Cooperate with the Investigation.

Once you have voiced your complaint, Heartland will immediately begin to investigate your concerns.  Sometimes this can happen very quickly, but depending on the issues, it could take up to seven (7) days from the day the complaint is received.  One of the first things Heartland will do is have a member of management speak with you and ask you questions about your complaint.  You should not feel bad or embarrassed when you talk about your concerns.  We want to know!

Besides talking with you, Heartland might also talk with staff members and other people who might know about your concerns.  Heartland may look at documents and speak with your team or medical professionals about your complaint.

If your complaint concerns a threat to your health, safety or welfare, Heartland will immediately suspend the person(s) that are involved, even before the investigation is complete.  It is also possible that the police, Adult Protective Services, or other state authorities might be contacted.

Step 3.  Learn the outcome.

Once Heartland has completed its investigation into your complaint, we will sit down with you and explain what we have found and what actions Heartland will take as a result.  For example, Heartland might conduct re-training on a staff member or have team meeting that allows for a different behavioral approach.  Sometimes, a staff member can be disciplined or even terminated.

Step 4.  Speak with the President.

There are times when you may not agree with the way in which Heartland tries to resolve your complaint.  For example, there might be a time when Heartland is unable to confirm that a violation of a client’s rights has taken place.  As a result, Heartland might speak with the staff member(s) involved, but do nothing more. If a client disagrees with this outcome, he or she can speak directly with the President of the company.  In all cases, the President will have the final word on the resolution to your complaint. If you speak with the President and are still unhappy with the resolution of your complaint, your case manager can assist you in taking further action.

File a Complaint

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