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I started working for Heartland almost three years ago with the intention of making some extra money and then leave after a few months. That plan changed because I have found a great deal of joy and satisfaction in working with this wonderful company and their amazing clients who I love dearly. Heartland’s compassion and concern for their clients impresses and amazes me more all the time. It’s an honor to be employed by a company who truly puts the needs of their clients first.

∼ Vicki Allen - Employee

My 58 year old brother has been a Heartland consumer for about 3 years in Terre Haute. Heartland's concern and support for my brother is professional, admirable and genuine. As my brother's guardian I appreciate the mutual respect we share-as my support for what Heartland does is key to my brother's welfare and it takes a TEAM! Heartland is the best provider for my brother.

∼ Polly Nelson Jones - Guardian

Working for Heartland Residential Services is a wonderful and unique experience. They truly care about their clients and are always striving to do and be the best. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and they take it very seriously. It’s not just a business. The staff is exceptionally well trained by certified personnel and must satisfactorily pass appropriate test before servicing clients.

∼ Sharon Longstreath - Direct Care Staff

Supported Living


Heartland Residential Services, Inc. is committed to fostering a sense of family and community while providing the best quality services and residential support to developmentally disabled individuals. Heartland Residential Services takes pride in the companionship that we build with our consumers. We are commited to ensuring that our consumers have a loving and supportive network and are able to accomplish all of their goals

Heartland is hiring for qualified and dedicated direct care staff!

Current employees will receive a referral bonus of $500 when a referred employee is hired and makes it past their initial 90-day probationary period. The referred employee will also receive a $350 signing bonus after starting work with the company.

The applicant must list the employee’s first and last name on their application.

Please encourage your referrals to visit our website for a description of the job duties, requirements, and access to the online application.

Your referrals will help ensure that we continue to find the right people for our team. Make a referral today and help us build an even more perfect environment for the individuals we serve!